Missouri Opioid Summit 2017

On November 14, 2017, the City of St. Joseph Health Department was honored to host the Missouri Opioid Summit in St. Joseph, held at the Fulkerson Center on the campus of Missouri Western State University. The summit welcomed experts from around the state to speak about different aspects of the opioid crisis gripping our nation and our state. This was one of nine summits held in Missouri, as this complex issue brings professionals from diverse disciplines together to develop strategies for successful intervention.

Missouri Opioid Summit

“Opioids are a modern plague. What is going to help us to move forward is if we can connect the tremendous heart and the tremendous passion of people who have seen this crisis, who have been affected by this crisis, and then connect that to positive action in our communities. Then together we can save lives. We’ve asked everyone to step forward and find what we can do. The only way we can solve this problem in the state of Missouri, is if all of us find a way to step forward and do different. If you want different, do different.”

- Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Missouri Opioid Summit Crisis Kick-Off by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Missouri Opioid Summit 2017 Program (PDF)

Dr. Angeline Stanislaus - Powerpoint Presentation (PPT)

Larry J Reavis Jr. - Powerpoint Presentation (PPT)

Scott Cady, PharmD - Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) Howard Weissman - NCADA video clips. You may use the clips using the following guidelines:

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Missouri Opioid Summit 2017 video

  • Debra Bradley - Welcome: 0:15
  • Dr. Randall Williams - Opening Remarks: 0:03:59
  • Dr. Angeline Stanislaus: 0:16:26
  • Larry J. Reavis, Jr.: 0:50:55
  • Howard Weissman: 1:08:12
  • Scott Cady: 1:19:57
  • Les Phillips: 1:37:53
  • Panel Discussion: 2:03:48
  • Debra Bradley - Closing Remarks: 3:02:47
  • Dr. Randall Williams - Closing Remarks: 3:03:31

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