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Chief of Detectives Thomas A. Johnson

Thomas A. Johnson, 50 years old, was shot by a robbery suspect named Carlos "Slippery" Henderson on the afternoon of October 26, 1921. Henderson was an ex-convict who was notorious for his escape attempts and jumped in the Missouri river on one occasion to avoid capture. Detectives Eads and Sullivan went to arrest him for suspicion of robbery. Because of his escape history, they requested assistance and Chief of Detectives Johnson, along with Detective's McAllister and Raphael, arrived at the house to surround it.

Henderson attempted to escape from the house by climbing out a north window, but came face to face with Chief Johnson. Henderson shot Chief Johnson in the chest and also shot Detective Eads, who was attempting to help the wounded Chief Johnson. Henderson then proceeded to shoot at the other officers.

A riot call was issued and Chief of Police MacDonald and several officers arrived. Chief MacDonald ordered his men to close in on the house, and Henderson and Chief MacDonald shot at each other. Chief MacDonald was shot in the arm, but still attempted to kick in the back door to arrest Henderson. This attempt to kick in the back door failed and other officers attempted to creep up to the house from another side.

Patrolman Brinkley and Clerk Albert Hall approached one side of the house, and Officer Brinkley saw Henderson at a window. Officer Brinkley attempted to shoot Henderson but his automatic shotgun failed to fire. Henderson fired at Officer Brinkley, but the bullet struck Clerk Hall, and was instantly fatal. Chief MacDonald then ordered the house set on fire. The fire forced Henderson to the upper floor and as he stepped out onto the roof was shot to death. Chief of detectives Johnson was survived by a wife. 

Chief of Detectives Thomas A. Johnson