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911 for kids
9-1-1 for Kids

The "9-1-1 FOR KIDS" is an educational program for public safety agencies with emergency dispatch centers. The purpose of the program is to teach children how to save lives, property, and report serious emergencies through the proper use of 9-1-1.

To schedule a 9-1-1 presentation at your school or for additional questions, please call us at 816-271-4822 or email Dawn Lanning or Charlotte Catron

To teach children how to save lives and property through the proper use of 9-1-1, the nation's universal emergency telephone number.

Children who complete the "9-1-1 FOR KIDS" classroom program will know:
  • WHEN to use 9-1-1 and when not to
  • HOW to place a 9-1-1 call
  • WHAT to say in case of a police or fire medical emergency

Armed with the basic information about 9-1-1, young children will be able to:

  • Call for help when they need it for themselves or for others
  • Assist in saving lives and property
  • Avoid costly abandoned or prank calls which tie up the 911 dispatch system

911 for kids coloring book my address sheet 

Safe Websites for Children

  • Cartoon Network™
    This site has games and activities galore based on the cartoons of Cartoon Network. This site also includes trading cards so you can collect and trade your favorite cartoons.
  • KidsCom®
    KidsCom has kids' games, chat rooms for kids, video game cheats and other child activities. Our kids' games focus on fun, learning and Internet safety.
  • Life in the White House
    Visit the White House online! Learn about the people who have lived in the White House, including pets! This site includes activities and games, coloring book pages you can print, and also video tours. Also includes News for Kids.
  • Nickelodeon Online at
    Have a favorite Nickelodeon cartoon character? Just click on their picture and you'll not only see when the show is on, you'll be able to click on "Meet the Characters", "Games", "Movie", "Message Board", "e-Collectibles", "Shopping", "Nick Arcade", and "Nicksclusive Newsletter".
  • Student's Internet Research Guide
    The Internet is crowded! It's brimming with all kind of information and resources. With so many choices online, it can be tricky to narrow down what you're looking for. But, with the right tips and tricks, you'll learn how to responsibly navigate the internet and give credit to your sources when doing research. Read through our student internet research guide for ways to search smart, check for credible sources and cite your sources.
    This site contains Internet safety information for children, parents, teachers, and officials. It provides links to child-friendly and other Internet safety sites as well as fun games and activities.
    Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.

Internet Safety Websites

  • GetNetWise
    GetNetWise is a public service brought to you by a wide range of Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations. The GetNetWise coalition wants Internet users to be only "one click away" from the resources they need to make informed decisions about their and their family's use of the Internet.
  • NetSmartz Workshop
    The NetSmartz Workshop® is an interactive, educational safety resource that teaches children and teens how to stay safer on the Internet. NetSmartz combines the newest technologies available and the most current information to create high-impact educational activities that are well received by even the most tech-savvy kids. Parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement also have access to additional resources for learning and teaching about the dangers children may face online. NetSmartz was created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).
  • LiveWWWires
    The Missing kit, developed by LiveWires Design Ltd, teaches children how to surf the Internet safely. It includes a CD-ROM game for children, a parent/teacher guide, a video and a poster. This web site has information on internet safety issues for parents, teachers and librarians.
  • Internet Mobile Marketing
    Parents purchase car seats for their infants, helmets for bike riding, and outlet covers for the home. They enroll their kids in swimming lessons to help reduce danger around water and teach their children to never go anywhere with a stranger. Keeping their children safe is a priority for modern parents. However, as the internet has become more of an integral part of life at younger and younger ages, parents have had to learn about the dangers the internet can pose to their children. Fortunately there are many common sense steps parents can take to ensure their children can use the internet safely.