Pony Express white bikePony Express Bikes (PEB) was established in St. Joseph in August 2017, as a free of charge community program offered to residents and visitors to St. Joseph. Riders borrow from various locations around St. Joseph with the intent of short-term trips. Racks are installed in multiple locations within the community allowing easy access to a rider and providing multiple locations to choose from when borrowing a bike.

Cities all over the world are using a bike share program to promote healthy lifestyles, generate storefront revenue, and decrease transportation pollution.

PEB provides an excellent opportunity to attract visitors to St. Joseph while connecting customers and businesses. St. Joseph is unique in the fact that PEB is absolutely free to use and is fully supported by community members.

Pony Express Bikes offers many great advantages for St. Joseph residents and visitors, and the local economy, and the sponsors who fund the bike share program.

  • Boosts retail exposure
  • Reduces congestion and wasted fuel
  • Increases connectivity
  • Low-cost public transportation
  • Encourages physical activity