Safe Cycling Tips

Wear a helmet

Wear a hard-shell helmet that sits right above your eyebrows. Always buckle it snugly. Only one finger should fit between the strap and your chin.

Obey traffic signals and signs

Cyclists must obey all City and State traffic laws and ordinances. If a red light will not turn green for a cyclist, the dead red provision allows him or her to cautiously proceed after stopping.

Use bicycles on streets or trails

Bicycles ride on streets and trails. Ride with traffic not against. Look for sharrows on downtown streets. Ride over the markings to position yourself within the lane.

Walk your wheels if you are on a sidewalk. It is illegal to ride on sidewalks in the downtown St. Joe Business District

Use hand signals

Be predictable in your movements, ride in a straight line and tell others when you plan to turn or stop.

Light up at night.

If you ride after dark you must use a white headlight and a red rear reflector. Add a blinking taillight and reflective clothing for even higher visibility.

Links to State bicycle laws

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